Before the Plague

About a year after I announced I’m done with Palisade, I’m done again.  No really this time.  I have a wonderful group of BETA readers who are pouring through the pages with dedication and a fierce honesty.  I’m sure their advice will result in some more changes, though I feel the time for major changes is past.

I am not actively writing Palisade every day for the first time in years.  It feels a bit odd.  Like my arm was cut off odd.  So I decided to work on a series of short stories about the characters before Palisade starts.

This short story project started as I was writing the book.  I kept running into difficulties figuring out the character’s motivations.  What would Bradley say in this situation?  Why would Adam do that?  Why is Michael so intense?  How would Barb influence this scene?

I wrote a series of mini-stories featuring the characters before Palisade began as a mechanism for me to get to know them.  The stories were typed free form, no credit given for punctuation or grammar.  I just needed to get the ideas out.

I’m going through these little stories again checking for consistency and obvious technical issues and then publishing them here.  They are still in a fairly raw state, I kind of like them like that.  I think it lends a certain power to them.

I’m posting them to the “Before the Plague” page, the link is in the header above.  I’ll add another story every week or so until I run out.  I hope you’ll read them and let me know what you think.  With any luck they’ll make you want to read more!

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