Life and Fiction


Sometimes fiction mimics real life. Even Science Fiction. Sometimes it’s cool (just think about all the Star Trek stuff that’s really real now!). But sometimes it’s less cool.

On Tuesday this last week I wrote the back story for one of my favorite characters, Barb. In this scene she finds her husband nearly dead from the disease that is wiping out her world.

Barb is a strong woman, seriously strong. And funny too. Her strength and humor propels my story’s main character through much turmoil. This scene is Barb at her most vulnerable. It takes place before the book even begins, but having written the book, knowing Barb’s fate, knowing everything I put her through, my heart breaks with hers as she finds her beloved half dead.

Also on Tuesday, my Aunt Peggy, a seriously strong woman in her own rights, lost her husband, Vern. And our cousin Brenda lost her fight against cancer, leaving her husband Cliff behind.

At one point in my scene Barb begs with her husband to simply hear her words, “I love you.” She just needed him to hear her say it. Over and over and over again, “I love you. I love you. I love you.” Barb poured her heart and her grief out as her beloved took his last breath.

Then she had to figure out how to take her next breath.

These words hit too close to home – which is probably why I wrote them. I didn’t know Uncle Vern was dying while I wrote those words. I didn’t know Brenda was dying. I didn’t feel the pain my Aunt or Cliff were living that very moment, but I guess I kinda did.

Hubby and I never walk away from each other without saying, “I love you.” For more than thirty years now, we’ve never closed our eyes at night without saying, “I love you.”

Three words, so simple. But it brings me peace to know that should I never see my beloved again he will know. I will know he knows.

Three simple words that when you say them the last time will break your heart. Barb knew she was saying them the last time, and wanted to make the most of them. She doesn’t get to say them anymore. Neither does Aunt Peggy. Neither does Cliff. I hope they were able to send their beloved’s off with an “I love you.”

You can read Barbs story here:  Barb’s Love.  But first, go tell your beloved how much you love him or her.

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4 Responses to Life and Fiction

  1. Vickie M says:

    Hi Sweetie. I actually felt the love & loss Barb felt. It made me feel despare & grief as if I were going through a loss. Philip & I tell each other “I love you” often. What more could we wish for in life than to hear those words before our last breath. That being said, I hope you know how much I love you.

  2. Essie Park says:

    Hi Ronna. I’m so sorry for your loss. I read Barb’s love and thought you captured her desperation perfectly through her exchange with Rick. Three words, but they convey so much. Now I’m interested in seeing how she continues.

    • chrisandronna says:

      Thanks! Barb is an amazing woman. It was interesting writing that scene, feeling her emotion. Sadly for me I was on a train at the time. I think the guy next to me thought I was having some kind of break down. Nope…just feeling the words! I’ll post more about Barb soon.

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