Bernie Sanders for My Son

I just changed my vote. Or at least who I plan to vote for.

I’ve said all along I like Senator Sanders. I like the words coming out of his mouth, but I don’t see how he would implement his ideas. He seems to think he’s going to get into the Oval Office and all of a sudden the Republicans are going to be agreeable. They’ll be all, “Sure, let’s let everyone go to college.” Or, “Sure, let’s invest in clean energy – sounds great! Can’t we all just get along!”

That’s not going to happen, people. If Senator Sanders gets into office, his grand ideas will never take shape. He will meet with a level of opposition that will make us remember the Obama Administration as a time of congressional harmony. That’s why my vote was going to be with Secretary Clinton in the hope she would walk closer to the middle and actually get something done.

I live in a middle-class world. I make good money; I might be rich if I lived in some places – but here in the Bay Area my situation is lower middle class. Hubby and I work hard to support a family of four. We make sacrifices every day to provide for our family. It’s cool, we are happy to do what we do.

But I flat out refuse to make my children’s education one of those sacrifices. They WILL go to the best college they are able to get into.

Our son is off to college later this year and we found out that, based on our income, the Feds are willing to loan us about $5,000 to pay for what will cost between $20,000 and $30,000 per year, depending on what school he chooses.

Apparently we make too much money. Who knew?

So now we have to look into a private and much more expensive loan to pay for our son’s education. We have to look into taking on life-altering debt so that we don’t deny a brilliant kid the education he deserves. So that we don’t throw yet another uneducated person into the workforce. So we don’t ensure our family forever stays in the lower middle class of America.

This is unacceptable.

I want to be very freaking clear here: My family does not deserve a loan any more or any less than anyone else in the country. I think we all deserve it – I don’t care where you were born, what language you speak, what deity you worship, or what color your skin is. We all deserve a chance.

I do not believe anything should be free. I just think everything should be reachable if we are willing to work for it.

Can Bernie Sanders reform college education? Can he make it so we don’t have to choose between food and education? I doubt it, to be honest. But the simple fact that he gets it, that he sees the problem, is good enough for me. He is the only politician out there demonstrating that he is compassionate towards my plight, that he wants my son, and in five years my daughter, to have an education that doesn’t deny my husband and I our retirement.

Senator Sanders gets it.

I’m sorry Secretary Clinton. I just change my vote.

Feel the Bern!

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