I know, I know, it's a Blue Jay, not a Bluebird, but it was the best free picture I could find.

I know, I know, it’s a Blue Jay, not a Bluebird, but it was the best free picture I could find.

I’ve always wanted to write a poem about Bluebirds.  They are very special in my family.  Every time we see one we remember loved ones we’ve lost.  We pause to remind ourselves how much we miss them, how fleeting life is, and how blessed we are to have so many connections and so much love.

Anyway, I finally wrote a poem about it while I rode to work this morning.  Let me know what you think!


I see them
I hear them
Most of all, though, I feel them

Sometimes they call my name
Late at night, as I near sleep
Sometimes its a whisper
Sometimes a frantic call

Shhh, I say to the bluebirds
I’m trying to sleep
I have to wake early
I have to work
I have to clean
I have to cook
I have to write
Before I can sleep again

But they call anyway
Little bluebirds
Singing my name
The veil thins between awake and asleep
Between night and day
Between dark and light
Between what I know and what I feel

By the time the sun rises
I no longer hear loved ones call me
The light quiets their voices
I see blue birds flutter in the trees
And I know they are with me
Reminding me how the veil can never thin their connection
Between the chores, there must be love
There must always be time
Neither love nor time make themselves, the bluebirds say

A bright blue feather falls from the sky
In a flood of song, it lands in my hand
I gently close my fingers around it
Keeping it safe until I can add it to my collection

I smile, my eyes water a little
Warm and safe, ready for my day, I look to the sky
I love you too, I say to the bluebirds

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