Before the Plague

Below is a collection of pre-stories about Palisade’s characters.  These will be short, raw, not-heavily edited, stand-alone stories about the characters before they met.  I drafted some of them as a way to get into the characters heads and figure out what makes them tick – what motivates them to move through the story.  Some of them I’m writing fresh, now that I know the characters better.  I’ll add a new one every week or two.

We’ll meet Barb and her husband as the apocalypse breaks out around them.   Bradley and his affluent neighborhood will disintegrate in front of us forcing Bradley to make the most difficult decision of his life.  And perhaps most exciting, for me anyway, we get into Adam’s head as he wakes up from a coma  – his last memory is of Allannah killing him.   I’ll write shorter stories for the minor characters too, just for fun.

I hope you enjoy these little sneak peeks!  I’d love to hear what you think!

Adam Reborn

Barb’s Love

Bradley Returns Home

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